Another one in the can / Tips from On Writing

It's hard to think of interesting blog posts to write when you're actually making progress writing.  I've been trying for a couple days and most everything I've put together sputters out before I get through the title. Not so with fiction writing, fortunately.  I finished my first draft of the short story tentatively titled "Pigeon… Continue reading Another one in the can / Tips from On Writing


I mentioned in a previous post that I had recently won a short story contest hosted by (They are also responsible for the awesome art featured above).  This story, along with an interview with me, has recently gone live on their site.  The story is called "Elvis" and you can find it and the interview here.… Continue reading Elvis

Getting Serious

It's heating up outside.  We're a week into July and the year is halfway over.  That last part is always the worst, and maybe why I don't love summers.  In South Carolina (and now in North Carolina) summers are hot.  Sometimes they're oppressive.  And they signal that you're halfway through another year.  That's well and… Continue reading Getting Serious