Another one in the can / Tips from On Writing

It's hard to think of interesting blog posts to write when you're actually making progress writing.  I've been trying for a couple days and most everything I've put together sputters out before I get through the title. Not so with fiction writing, fortunately.  I finished my first draft of the short story tentatively titled "Pigeon… Continue reading Another one in the can / Tips from On Writing

What I Learned From: Wonder Woman

So, about two months ago, not long after I started this blog, I came down with a bad cold and decided to watch Independence Day:  Resurgence.  When I had finished, I had big plans of writing a blog post about what I learned from the experience.  The bad news is that I more or less… Continue reading What I Learned From: Wonder Woman

Flash Fiction and Exploration

Good news and bad news folks.  Good news is that I have been writing, a lot.  Bad news is that I have not been writing here.  I've been working on my short story, which is now novella-length.  And one of the goals I had when I started this blog was to write about the writing process… Continue reading Flash Fiction and Exploration