I mentioned in a previous post that I had recently won a short story contest hosted by SupportIndieAuthors.org (They are also responsible for the awesome art featured above).  This story, along with an interview with me, has recently gone live on their site.  The story is called “Elvis” and you can find it and the interview here.  You can also find the other winners, “Into the Pines” by P.D. Dawson and “Purple Sky” by Dinara Tengri, along with interviews with the authors.  Check them out!   

Now that it’s out, I’m hard at work on my next project.  I have a couple short stories in the works that for now I’ll call “Pigeon House” and “Talon”.  Both started as twists on a vampire story but they’re strikingly different and I’m eager to see how they’ll turn out.   My other project, which I started shortly after beginning this blog, began as what I thought would be a “short story” and is now 2/3 of a novel!

I plan to add a page soon giving some status updates and additional information about these projects, as well as begin to consolidate some of the poetry I’ve released here.  I’ve also got a few articles in the pipeline concerning tropes and storytelling.

Let’s keep the momentum going people!



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