Getting Serious

It’s heating up outside.  We’re a week into July and the year is halfway over.  That last part is always the worst, and maybe why I don’t love summers.  In South Carolina (and now in North Carolina) summers are hot.  Sometimes they’re oppressive.  And they signal that you’re halfway through another year.  That’s well and good if you’ve been getting a lot done, but too often halfway through another year sounds more like a threat.

The good news is, it’s often when I double-down on my New Year’s resolutions in a way that makes the second half of most years much more productive than the first.  The same is probably true this year.

I didn’t mean to take off last year, but a bunch of things happened that sort of pressed me in that direction.  For one, my writer’s group disbanded.  It’s amazing how helpful it is to have a monthly meeting that pushes you to be productive.  Secondly, I threw myself into a new relationship.  It’s been amazing and supportive, but it’s also now far too easy to fill my downtime in ways that seem productive, but aren’t writing.

Now, six months into 2019, I’m doubling down with a new strategy.  To start, I’m going to focus on getting a number of short fiction pieces under my belt, just to build up a work of complete stories.  To that end, I’m excited to announce that one of my stories, Elvis, recently won a short-story contest over at   It’s a short, simple 2500 word story, but this was really the first story I’ve finished and done something with since I graduated from college ten years ago, and it’s just the shot of confidence I need to do a bit more.

I hope to have more details on future projects, but for the time being I’m working on completing a few half-started stories and knocking some of the dust loose before I resume work on my novel project.


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