End of Summer

Happy Fall everybody!  I haven’t posted a poem in a while so I tried writing something tonight.  Didn’t really know where it was going but I wanted to work on descriptions and this is what I came up with!  Let me know your thoughts.



A woman sits crosslegged in the sand

her arms freckled, stretched out

fingers fanned and searching,

a yellow top stark against her pale skin.


A plane passes overhead, dragging a banner

across the sky to celebrate bargain beach towels

while children laugh, passing a football down the beach.

Their bare feet leaving clots of sand that the ocean wipes away.


I study this from my balcony, bemused.

Bemused because I never liked the beach.

I never liked hot days, sweat, 

sun burns or going shirtless.  


I preferred the cool isolation of

mountain rivers and campfires,

the smell of smoldering leaves

and the taste of roasted marshmallow.


But as I watch the late sunset

transform a coastline

into watercolored art,

I start to understand.  


I close my eyes, and I feel 

the warmth of the waning sun.  I listen

to cries of distant gulls.  I taste

the salt air.  And I breathe,





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